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2002, 2003, 2004:

  • Elementary School “Amizade” in Bubaque: building of the classrooms, buying of material, e.g. school desks, stationery, books, etc… Costs: € 10.000,00
  • Christmas and Easter celebration for all the children.  “Motivating “rewards for the best students. Costs: € 250,00 per year.
  • buying of stationery. Costs: XOF 340.250 (€ 520,00).
  • Elementary School on the island Canhabaque. Costs: € 2.500,00.
  •  fitting up and supplying of the existing nursing post in Bejente: furniture, bandages, disinfectants, medication,… Costs: XOF 389.500 (€ 595,00).
  • Building material and food for the population of the island Formosa, where a huge fire has destroyed several villages. Costs: XOF 363.500 (€ 555,00).
  • vaccination campaign for very young children on several islands; provision of transport and vaccination material. Costs: XOF 255.750 (€ 390,00).
  • urgency team during the cholera-epidemic on the island Orangozinho. Costs: XOF 189.950(€ 303,00).
  •  Medication, sheets and towels for the hospital of Bubaque. Costs: nil (donations).
  •  baby clothing Costs: nil (donations).
  • stationery. Costs : nil (donations).
  • buying and transport of an emergency-system on solar energy for the hospital of Bubaque (10x75W). Installation and putting into use of this system. Costs : € 7.016,75.
  • foster-parents action.  Belgian people take care of a foster-child by depositing € 15,00/month. The whole group of children in need benefits from this money.
  • one student a year is given a grant: subscription, study-material and a limited sum of money per academic year at the university of Bissau. Cost: € 760,00 / year.


  • Annualy 2 contests are organised: One for all the six formers.  The three best of them, whose parents cannot afford their further studies, will be able to go to the secondary school, paid for by the NGO.  Lower secondary studies can be followed at the State school of Bubaque. Cost per student per school year: € 250,00
  • In June another contest will be organised for the students of the 3rd form of secondary school.  One student can then finish his/her studies at the secondary school at Bissau; this will be paid by the NGO.. Cost per student per school year: € 1.000,00.
  • first phase of the covered market place: about 1/3 of the existing foundation will be developed further into a water well and cool cells.  This first phase will cost approximately € 17.000,00.
  • Digging and/or repairing of 5 water wells in Bubaque, Bejente and on the island Orango. Price of water well: € 800,00.
  • we started a reading course for adults.  At the moment, the enlisted students are all women.  They are very motivated. We support this initiative by providing teaching material and by paying the teacher a small amount, in order to keep him motivated. This project will be continued for at least the next 5 years. Cost: XOF 200.000 annually (€ 305,00)
  • Sending a reliable second hand Land rover 4x4 (Land rover Discovery 1994) by container, stuffed with stationery, clothing, medicine, toys, a printer, books, educational material, etc… Cost: € 10.000,00 (buying price and transport) + donations.


  • sending an other Land rover Discovery, and a lot of clothing and other materials. Costs: € 10.000,00 (buying price and transport) + donations.


  • Printing of reading system “Cenora”. Amount : € 600,00
  • Delivery of material for de building of a new nursing-home on the island of Formosa.
  • Mosquito-netting for nursing-homes. The  residing patients are worried by mosquitos. A lot of people suffer from malaria, especially during the rainy season .This can be fatal for someone who is ill or recovering. We provided the hospital of Bubaque and the nursing-home of Formosa with mosquito-netting. Price : about XOF 150.000 (€ 230,00).
  • Support with agriculture and horticulture. Providing seeds, advice of experts concerning growing fruit and fruit, learning to cope with disease and vermin in an ecologically justifiable way.
  • Estimated annual cost price : XOF 328.000( € 500)
  • Purchase of corrugated iron and thatch to cover the roof of the nursing-home Formosa. Cost price : XOF 250.000(about € 385).
  • Digging of a well in Timbatu(on the island Bubaque). Cost price : XOF 500.000(about € 800,00)
  • Repair of the well in Bano (on the island Canhabaque). Cost price XOF 150.000(about € 230,00)
  • Increase of students in elementary and secondary schools. Annual cost price about € 1.500
  • Admission of 3 students for teacher-training on the island of Bolama (1 from Bubaque, 1 from Canhabaque, 1 from Formosa) and 3 students for nurse-training (1 from Bubaque, 1 from Canhabaque, 1 from Formosa) in Bissau. The idea is that these students practise their profession on “their“island. Annual price cost about € 2.650.



  • Benefit-night “Eneida Marta”. Net proceeds € 3.137,20.
  • Digging of a well in the Baixada quarter in Bubaque. Cost price XOF 500.000 (about € 800)
  • Buying of seeds and material for several horticultural projects on Bubaque and Uno. Estimated cost price XOF 352.650 (about € 543,00).
  • Give microloans to small groupings, especially women. Cost price XOF 375.000 (about € 577)
  • Further the installation of the nursing-home on Formosa : doors, windows and sanitary. Cost price XOF 575.000 (about € 885).
  • Providing the alphabetizing-classes with school material (about 50 women). Cost price XOF 50.000(about € 80).
  • Logging,  food and school-fee for a group of students of the island of Canhabaque who attend school on Bubaque. Estimated cost price : XOF 650.000 (about € 1000).
  • Organising an intensive teacher training on Bubaque to cope with the alarming shortage of teachers on elementary level and alphabetization. Cost price : not estimated yet. Continuation of the “Canhabaque”-project sponsored by the Rotary club Antwerp East.
  • Ending of Formosa-project. The buildings of the nursing-home are four times as big as originally planned. This goes beyond our budget. The rooms, doors and toilets that have been bought will be stocked and used for another project.
  • Making a survey for a hospital at Bubaque by Georges De Buysere (engineer without frontiers) .  He will work out the project “electricity for Bubaque’s hospital” (solar-energy system) and lay it before the “Engineers without frontiers” and Energy Assistance.
  • Practical survey of the project “Electricity”, gathering information and providing the necessary documents.


  • Continuation of the Canhabaque project
  • Approval of the “sanitary installation” project; action against cholera. Cost price XOF 1.000.000 (about € 1.500).
  • First sanitary installation on the beach of the former hotel Bijagos on Bubaque.
  • Benefit-concert Nanbcy Vieira in “Zuiderpershuis”. Net proceed € 1.511,50
  • Putting forward the project “Electricity for Bubaque’s hospital “ with Engineers without Frontiers and Energy Assistance.
  • Subscription, school-material and uniforms for students for elementary, secondary school and higher education (?), financed by the foster-parents’ project.
  • Beginning of the building and fitting up of the nursing-home on the island of Soga. Budget : € 5.000,00, sponsored by Mitialto, a Dutch organisation.
  • Building of the nursing-home on Soga : rough structure.



  • The starting of a pilot project vocational training. Initiation of sewing and knitting techniques for about 30 women. The necessary material was provided by a lot of sympathizers. Considering the successful outcome the project will be continued in November 2010.
  • Finishing the nursing-home on Soga : roof, windows, doors and plastering.
  • Benefit “Onder ons” (among ourselves) in Theater aan de Stroom (Theatre by the River) . Proceed is used for professional education.
  • Subscription of 68 students in nursery school and elementary and secondary education (including uniforms and educational aids).
  • Second session of special vocational training (knitting and sewing initiation, basic techniques ).
  • The preparation of the “boarding-school” project. The building of the boarding-school to put up girls and boys of other islands. Estimated cost price: € 25.000,00. Sponsor : Bits for Kids (Barneveld , Holland).
  • Sponsoring by Rotary Club Antwerp-East of € 6.000,00.  This amount will be invested in de boarding-school.
  • The building of the boarding-school. Estimated date of delivery : June 2011.


  • Third session of special vocational training.
  • The finishing of the boarding-school. The original budget has been raised  and is now € 36.000,00.
  • Benefit “Black Comedy” in Theater aan de Stroom (Theatre by the River). The proceed of € 1.500,00 will finance part of the fitting out of the boarding-school (Cupboards, matrasses, sheets, towels, mosquito-netting, basins, etc.).
  • Actions in Belgium in order to find more foster-parents.
  • Action to gather lightweight covers (style “fleece) for the boarding-school.
  • Action to find more foster-parents turned out to be negative.
  • Fourth session of special vocational training.



  • Boarding school
    • Arrival of solar energy package . Sponsors Soling and DHL.
    • Arrival of 38 blankets for the boarding-school.
    • Installation of solar energy for the boarding-school at Bubaque by Georges De Buysere (Engineer without frontiers).
    • Delivery of basic food for the boarding school by the authorities.
    • Inauguration of the boarding school on 28th February 2012.
    • Payment of the school fee for 7 children, aged 6, and 3 girls of the secondary school.
  • Vocational training.
    • Technique of the button-hole, called “paspel”.
    • Pattern of cases for glasses + applica
    • Wrap-around trousers pattern + application
    • The making of yoga-bags and drumstick-cases (of : holders).
    • The making of recyclable gift-bags from fabric remnants.
  • New project : the building of a “wall-model” made of (empty) glass bottles. This illustrates how cement can be economized on and how glass bottles, which cause the biggest rubbish heap, can be recycled.
  • Nursing-home Soga : will be in use. A male nurse , inhabitant of the island itself, has completed his training and will be responsible for first aid provision. He will try to obtain the necessary medicine via the government.
  • The male director of the school will be replaced by a female director. At the moment the staff consists of : 1 director, 1 guard, 1  “cook-mother”. They receive monthly wages. The three girls also help to look after the children. For this they are paid “in kind”, i.e. they have lodging for free and they don’t have to pay the school-fee or the school equipment. But the wages are low and should be raised urgently.


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