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Presentation of our NGO


Geographical: Archipelago Bijagos, part of the republic of Guinea Bissau (West Africa).

Start of the Organisation:  In 2002 help for the people of Bubaque (Guinea Bissau) was started with private means only. In 2004 this assistance acquired a legal form: the NGO “No péga môn” (Reach Out) was founded.

 Purpose: fight against poverty, inequality and illiteracy in a part of the Bijagos-archipelago (Guinea Bissau, West Africa).

Thanks to our Senegal friend, who had been ambassador in Bissau for years, my husband and me learned to appreciate this region.  Originally we only went as tourists, but even during our first visits we were struck by the important needs of the local population.  As a result, we started building a nursery and elementary school is the village of Bubaque (on the island Bubaque) and provided school-equipment and money for the Christmas and Easter Celebration for the children.  Our enthusiasm was reflected on our immediate surroundings and a befriended couple joined our enterprise. As we are still active professionally and could only visit the island twice a year, we felt the need to establish a local board, composed of local people.  They also know best which needs are most urgent. In order to make this all official we decided to start a “fondacão”, which was later, after serious consideration, changed into an NGO.

         Formacão: education/schooling
         Saúde: healthcare
         Agricultura/horticultura: agriculture and horticulture
         Economía: financing of projects
         Cultura Indígena: preservation of own culture and customs.



Board of Directors:

  •  His Excellency Omar Ben Khatab Sohkna, ambassador
  •  Ernest Van Gorp
  •  Geertje (Gerarda) Verboven
  •  Mamadou N’Dao

Redaction brochures and translations:

  •  Dutch & French: Ernest Van Gorp & Geertje Verboven
  •  English: Alice De Graaf
  • Portuguese: Ricardo Cardoso

Executive Committee:

  • Coordinator: Mamadou N’Dao, responsible for the contact with local autorities.
  • Treasurer: Famara Djiba.