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Our aims are clearly defined:

Aims and objectives

The projects of NGO No péga môn are an answer to the needs of the population. Our local team is in close contact with the people and listens.


  • Formacão: education/schooling
  • Saúde: healthcare
  • Agricultura/horticultura: agriculture and horticulture
  • Economía: financing of projects
  • Cultura Indígena: preservation of own culture and customs.


Financial and logistic support to different forms of education:

  •       Nursery and elementary schools
  •       Secondary schools of the first degree
  •       Secondary schools of the second degree
  •       More specialized secondary education
  •       University
  •       Alphabetization
  •       In-service training.

Health care

  •       Education/Training of doctors and nurses (male and female).
  •       Building and equipment of  nursing-homes
  •       Providing first-aid-material and medication.
  •       Instructions concerning prevention of epidemics, malaria, typhus, cholera, etc…
  •       Vaccination of very young children
  •       Mosquito-nets/ nets for hospitals/nursing-posts/little children.

Agriculture and horticulture

  •       Financial and logistic support in a broad sense.
  •       Agriculture that is ecologically justifiable

Financing of projects

  • Financing and guidance of new micro-concerns
  • Introduction of social security-system
  • Budget control

Preservation of own culture and customs

  •  Protect the very rich culture of the archipelago
  •  Encourage ecological tourism