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Bissau attainable again!  The Portuguese companies TAP  and Euro Atlantic Airways offer both 2 flights a week to Bissau. There are also connexions with Morocco and Dakar (Senegal)x

Eva's trip by bike.


Eva Vantulden will make a huge trip by bike to sponsor the educational project.

Trying to satisfy the need of qualified teachers and nurses, Eva will make a trip by bike. This trip will take 6 months and start in may 2018.

In the month of may Eva left and she hopes to reach the North Cape. You can follow her on de site

Guinee Bissau ungovernable ?


After many months without a legal government, things start changing again….

After the previous elections, there were so many quarrels within the different parties and  the council of ministers that it was impossible to govern.  This situation had to change drastically because all the international instances kept at a safe distance.  The country kept legging behind.
A new prime minister was appointed and he finally succeeded in establishing a government. So, will they be able to solve their problems and to hold on till the next elections in 2019?

Our revised vocational education


This season we will start a course : advanced technology .

The group of people that had finished their training was no longer motivated to continue their education.
However, we have decided to continue with the sole student who was very strongly motivated and with a local tailor who was interested in more specialised technology.
In barely four weeks we concluded an intensive course that involved the making of all kinds of pockets, fastenings and the finishing of (long) sleeves with cuffs and slits.

Kasa Koia uninhabitable!


A terrible storm swept the region and several houses were destroyed or damaged.

During the rain season a terrible storm has swept de islands.
A lot of houses, built in the traditional way, were completely destroyed. The more solidly built houses, among which our boarding-school, were badly damaged.
A whirlwind lifted the roof, the walls bent outwards and afterwards the roof came down again as a result of which there were several cracks in the walls allowing the water to pour in.
The boarding-school isn’t safe anymore for the children and the other inhabitants. The children have been lodged with neighbouring families. It goes without saying that we keep on paying the school-fee, the necessary equipment and the medical care.
At the moment, Kasa Koia is uninhabited and we keep on looking for a solution.